Advertisement – We are looking for customers who want to live

What do we offer? We offer space for living, houses for living for all who…. First…let me ask you what the house means for you. Your privacy? Good investment? Your fortress? Place where you can hide? A place for you to rest? A place for your family? Do you have the house as something you want to impress the surrounding with? Or you prefer it just to be pleasant and beautiful inside for you. And which materials are pleasant for you? In this way, we could continue the “questionnaire” long and long and get lost in the details, without realizing that our answers are based on our past and on the patterns we have unknowingly accepted from the society in which we live.

Let’s try it again but differently. Try to forget everything you think and know about the “house”. Try to forget all the formulas about what the house is used for and how you should behave in it. When you manage to take off these clothes given to you by your ancestors, to undress everything that the system has imprinted in you, and if you stay only in your pure essence, what do you long for? What space would you like to create? In what space would you like to live with yourself and others? If you feel that you want to create such a space, we are looking for you. And if you feel that the time has come call me, write to me, and let’s create for life.

Do you know how I perceive the house? As a space where I can live and create, as a space where I can live with my family, as a space where there is enough space for everyone who comes into my life. I feel like I need a space where there will be enough light. I feel that I need a space where nature will permeate the house. I feel that the house should be alive and should be neither my servant nor my master. The house should be an extension of our inner space and the more beautiful, freer, healthier it is the more it supports us.

Have you ever realized how our house, the space in which we live, affects us? Or do you think it doesn’t matter where you live? Do you feel that you would be the same person if you have lived in a Gothic temple? At a medieval castle? In a concrete bunker? In the cave? In the treetops? In a glasshouse underwater? In prison? If you think that the house you live in has not influenced and will not affect you, then I apologize for bothering you with this advertisement. But if you perceive, you know, you are convinced that space shapes us the way we shape the space, join us and change space, yourselves to life.


We design, manufacture, and build round wooden houses. Our buildings boost creativity and help people bring their visions into reality. We provide buildings with complete project documentation including all professions.

CREATED FOR LIFE – Round wooden houses for creative life

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