We design, manufacture and build round wooden houses.

Our buildings boost creativity and help people bring their visions into reality.

We provide buildings with complete project documentation including all professions.

With us, you have the space to customize the design of your family house or other construction according to your own creative potential and virtue.

Open your HEART and build your HOUSE!

Catalog of buildings

"We want to fulfil our dreams and do what we love, because we know it is possible."

The idea of this project came because we wanted to live our dreams. To live them as we dreamed and also as we felt we could live in harmony with our environment. We realised, that the best solution is to create our own house and everything we dream of by ourselves.

That is the way we approach the design and construction of each one's dwelling, because we believe that every person should have the right to feel the beautiful feeling of being capable to create their living space according to their own vision.

We present a project that includes many possibilities how to live, think and create differently than we are accustomed to.


we are preparing the construction of this nature-related beauty. The wooden circular building Sense Gate, or relaxation…
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Both have the possibility to make your heartbeat like a bell. Trust me after my quadruple bypass.…
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Christmas? No, not yet. Honestly, we would like them to come a little later this year so…
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Do you know what is the most beautiful house planning for others? Well, the co-creation and cooperation.…
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