General information about our houses

Our buildings are:

Ecologicaly friendly - We use only solid wood, which is not treated with any chemical products. We only use natural materials such as beeswax, hemp oil, clay plasters. We approach wood processing with maximum efficiency. We minimize wood waste. Thanks to a special patented construction of the house we have achieved a significant reduction in wood usage.

Economical - Also thanks to the patented self-supporting construction, reduced wood usage and mass production of the basic supporting elements, we have achieved a reduction in the cost of production of each of our timber constructions.

Healthy = Diffusive - house maintains a natural microclimate and the whole house breathes freely. There is no barrier in the walls that would prevent the natural moisture penetration from the building to outside environment. The house does not retain moisture, thus  the formation of molds and fungi and the spread of various microorganisms is prevented too. This all improves the air quality in the whole building.

Energy efficient - our buildings are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. The construction and insulation we use allows you to live well and comfortably throughout the year, with the lowest possible energy consumption for heating, lighting and possible air conditioning during hot summer days. We make our houses in all energy levels from the lowest to the passive standard.

Flexible - our buildings can be easily expanded or reduced according to the requirements thanks to our easy-to-modify construction. Life brings a variety of changes, therefor our homes can easily adapt thanks to easily joining components. There is no need for a large and extensive reconstruction, which is often an economical and physical burden. Thanks to dry reconstruction processes, dustiness and the need for cleaning after reconstruction are also reduced.

Easily and quickly built - because the entire construction is produced in our factory, parts are brought to the construction site ready for assembly, including fasteners. This significantly reduces its overall construction time. Record assembly times are quoted by all constructions.

Relocatable - by making the buildings easy to assemble, they can be easily dismantled and relocated elsewhere. Because we use a special anchoring method, after relocation, the place on which the house stood remains intact or improved by the way people managed it, enriched with permaculture gardens and simmilar. 

Effective - due to their flexibility, ease of construction and simple construction, our buildings are designed for all purposes. At the same time, our buildings can be adapted precisely to fit any lifestyle and standard.

Aesthetic = Beauty and Harmony - our design is organic, using natural, arcuate elements to live in harmony with nature and human spirit. If you want to increase the potential of your house and thus yours, we offer the opportunity to customize the house according to the principles of sacred geometry and feng-shui in cooperation with internationally recognized experts such as: Michael Rice, Ing. Petr Bílý, Věra Nosková and others.

The sustainability - long lifetime of the renewable material - wood from which they are built has been proven for many years. Also, if something breaks down in the house, thanks to the modularity of the building, almost all parts of the house can be replaced or recycled.

We believe that we have now fed your hunger for information. If there is already a plan for your future round wooden house in your mind, then you are on your way to build it with us. Do you want to modify it specifically for your parcel? Arrange a personal consultation with us so that we can then design a house for you to enjoy.