Round wooden house Japan

is a spacious oval building, which is based on the floorplan of the house Basic and it is increased by added interior space. It was created by halving the circle and inserting a square.

This house is a fulfilled requirement for those who long for rectangular rooms in their circular house. It can be designed and built as a fully window glazed building or use only partial glazing.

Thanks to its concept,  Japan offers you the chance to play nicely with the interior furnishing and take advantage of the oriental style, as this house was inspired by Oriental buildings.

What surprises you about this house:

  • How quickly and easily you build it - see "Interesting Numbers" below

  • How creatively you adapt it to your needs and desires

  • How practically it can be changed and extended

  • How spacious it is

Can be built as:

  • Family house

  • Seminar and lounge / dancing room

  • Temporary construction for other uses

  • Garden house

  • Recreational object (accommodation complexes, camps, resorts, etc.)

  • Chalet, shelter hut, bivouac building

Interesting numbers:

  • Usable area: 92 m2 (can be made in various sizes)

  • Dimensions: 8m x 13m

  • Approximate price: from 28 000 CZK / M2

  • Approximate construction time:

  • Self-help 20 days

  • Turnkey construction max 5 days

See this short video with design of Round wooden house Japan

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